Les activités

Enjoy an apartment on the beach : more details.
We don't have any activities here. GOA is turned to the discovery of its environment: beaches for the strollers or for the sportsmen (surfing, windsurfing, diving, bodyboard, kite), walks on coast, exploration of craters, meetings with the fishermen or with the farmers, bathing in creeks... Here is of which to come back from Cape Verde the head full of memories and sensations.

Walk in lunar or Martian landscapes, follow flows of dried lava, plunge into the turquoise water, spy the eagles and buzzards, climb volcanoes, take a picture of the old houses at the nearby village, or simply take advantage of the time which passes, in the rest, in an 'farniente' which nothing will disturb, it is a small part of the program that waits for you.

Plus loin

  You can also decide to move closer to Mindelo, the historic city which, with its singers, musicians, comedians and writers, made the reputation of São Vicente. Festive or calm, traditional or determinedly modern, Mindelo the cosmopolitan is really fascinating.

Settled by the Portuguese but developed by the English, the city still presents some testimonies of its glorious past, when boats-vapors stopped in the bay (classified among the thirty most beautiful in the world) to redo their stocks of coal before the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.

To join Mindelo the unforgettable, you can rent a car, call a taxi or catch the collective minibuses (every 30 minutes).

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